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Welcome to Cruisin' 66 Service Department!

Let Cruisin' 66 be your home for motorcycle service! We want your motorcycle's performance to keep you ahead of the pack. Our factory trained and extremely talented team of technicians are experts at installing Victory Performance Products from exhaust to Big Bore and Stroker kits. With Mike's 20+ years in American Big Twin and Victory performance, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to keep your ride running the way you like.
We are a Victory Motorcycles MSD Certified Authorized Warranty Dealer.

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 Tech Tip for Winter 2014

"Outside the snow is falling..." Unless you're one of the brave your motorcycle is likely tucked away in a corner of your garage waiting for warmer and more pleasant weather.  There are some steps you can take over the winter to make sure your bike will not disappoint you when you go to fire it up.

  • Battery: Use of a battery tender will likely prevent the dreaded "click" when you press the starter button for the first time after a long sit.  The electronics on your bike are constantly drawing juice from your battery and over time it will lose enough that it will not have the necessary volts to start your bike.  The added strain on your starter by attempting to start the motorcycle with a weak battery can also damage the starter.  We recommend Battery Tender Jr ($39.95) - Currently In Stock
  • Fuel: The fuel in your tank has a relatively short shelf life.  Allowing stale fuel to sit in your fuel system can cause buildup in your carburetor or fuel injection system.  Also running your bike on stale fuel can lead to spark plug failure and poor running.  Adding a fuel stabilizer to a full tank of fresh fuel and allowing it to circulate through your system can help keep it fresh so your motorcycle performs better when you're ready for it.  We recommend Stay-Bil (4 oz, $5.49) - Currently In Stock
  • Tires: Allowing your motorcycle to sit on flat or underinflated tires over the winter can cause them to dry rot more quickly or develop flat spots.  We recommend inflating them to the manufacturer's recommended tire pressures and checking them frequently (FREE)
  • Paint/Chrome: To protect the appearance of your motorcycle it is important to take this opportunity of non-riding to thoroughly clean and polish your bike, including final drive.  This will prevent rust and other damage causing corrosion from building up.  Spend some time this winter with a bottle of polish and really make that chrome shine.  Regular check-ups on your vehicle while in storage will also help prevent rodents from building nests in air filters and other places on your bike.  We recommend the line of Pure Victory Polishes (starting at $11.99) - Available in Store


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All I want for Christmas is a new bike shelter from Cruisin' 66!

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Meet Your Mechanic


Mike Latham


You want your Victory to perform at its maximum potential? Let Mikey fix it! Whether its a simple Victory Performance Stage 1 Exhaust Kit or a complete big bore kit with high compression pistons and performance cams, he's got the proven experience to make it right. With over 20 years experience, Mike is also regarded as the premier mechanic for your Harley-Davidson and other American V-Twin maintenance and repair.

Please call Cruisin' 66 at 417.891.9998 to schedule your service. Our factory trained technician will take care of all your service and maintenance needs. Cruisin' 66 guarantees you will have a great service experience. Cruisin' 66 is a Brammo, Royal Enfield, Ural and Victory Motorcycles Authorized Warranty Dealer.

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